Western Rivers and Inland Marine Compliance Professionals Forum


Membership to Marine Compliance Alliance, Inc. is open to any marine compliance professional associated with inland marine operations and supports the purpose of this organization. This includes approved third-party organizations, inland marine towing, barge company compliance professionals, shipyard representatives (non-voting members) and inland marine independent surveyors and auditors. Membership shall not be used for solicitation purposes and such action shall subject the involved party to membership revocation.  Membership is granted after submission of a membership application and receipt of membership dues. All memberships shall be granted upon a majority vote by the Board of Directors.   Members are not the same as Board Members.  Board Members are the Board of Directors which are elected and appointed. 

To request a membership application, please contact Mark Sawyer by phone at (270) 201-4308 or by email to


Some of our members include:


  • Inland Marine Operators: $500 annual dues per company with unlimited representation.
  • Third Party Organizations: $500 annual dues per company with representation limited to three individuals. Additional representation will require $250 due per person.
  • Independent Surveyors and Auditors: $250 annual dues per individual.
  • Shipyard Representatives: $250 annual dues per company. (Affiliate Members)
  • Coast Guard representatives will not be required to pay dues.
  • Dues will be paid at the beginning of each calendar year.


Have questions?  For more information, contact Mark Sawyer, Marine Compliance Alliance Executive Director by phone or email.


Cell:    270-201-4308